Warped Tour – Show Review – 08/03/03

Band: Vans Warped Tour 2003

Date: 8-3-03

Location: The Pontiac Silverdome Parking Lot

I have to say I was expecting little out of the tour this year but was a little surprised. Last year was the downfall of The Warped Tour, but this year there was a much better set up, which pleased me greatly. I finally got to see GlassJaw, so I was excited about that. They are real intense live, and I would definately go see them again. Their singer has a lot of energy and is a blast to watch. The Ataris put on a good show, although, I’m not that big of a fan. Again this year crowd surfers were a continuing problem. People need to learn that repeated crowd surfing is going to get you dropped by angry and tired people, go up once, and give it a rest. Donkey Punch, a local band from here in Ann Arbor put on a good show, funny stuff. Less Than Jake was a blast as always, I will never stop loving there live show. I highly recommend going to see them if you haven’t yet. Anyone can watch them and have a blast. Rancid closed out the night for me, they’re always fun to watch. All in all it was a decent show, I wasn’t happy it rained for an hour, but I could deal with it. Thank you Kelly, Danielle, and Amanda for letting me come with you girls.