Mike Fuentes – Pierce the Veil – 03/10/09


March 10, 2009 – After I finished up the group shots for Pierce the Veil, I went ahead and did a few individual shots. Mike tried taking a picture of the previews in my camera and I told him it’d be much easier just to Photoshop his picture in his phone.

This was actually a really easy composite – consisting of two photos. It was literally just taking one picture, resizing it, using the Screen blending mode and changing the opacity. Other than that I just softened up his face a bit and we were good to go!





Lighting setup:
AB800 w/octabox behind in the left, 3/4 power
AB800 w/Softbox to camera right, 3/4 power
ABR800 w/30″ Moon Unit to camera left, 1/2 power
Canon 30D w/17-40L