Anberlin – The Final Tour – 11/26/14 – Orlando, FL

Anberlin performing their final show at House of Blues in Orlando, FL on November 26, 2014.  Photos by Nicole Rork.

Almost 12 years ago I stumbled on a small band called Anberlin, and I fell in love. Their debut album, “Blueprints for the Black Market,” never left the CD player of my trusty Ford Explorer. I had a chance to see them live on one of their first national tours, and their energy and passion blew me away. I had just started getting into photography, and the band graciously allowed me to photograph their show.

Fast forward to last night, as Anberlin prepared to play their final show as a band. Over the course of their career, I have formed countless friendships through them and made a lifetime of memories. I had the rare opportunity to watch them grow as musicians and capture their most intimate moments together. I cannot express how truly thankful I am for these guys and their crew for allowing me to become part of their family.


  1. Paperthin Hymn
  2. We Owe This to Ourselves
  3. Never Take Friendship Personal
  4. Self-Starter
  5. Readyfuels
  6. We Are Destroyer
  7. Someone Anyone
  8. Other Side
  9. (The Symphony of) Blasé
  10. Take Me (As You Found Me)
  11. The Unwinding Cable Car
  12. Atonement
  13. Impossible
  14. Breaking
  15. A Day Late
  16. Adelaide
  17. Dismantle.Repair.
  18. Alexithymia
  19. The Resistance
  20. Godspeed
  21. Feel Good Drag
  22. (*Fin)